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What is Meditation?

A true and pure meditation practice will give you a clear experience of the stillness within. It will allow you to go beyond thoughts & emotions to experience the permanent aspect of who you are. 

We have around 100,000 thoughts a day. That is a lot of content and potential stress! Meditation allows you to rest back and see the space in which all of that is contained. 

Meditation Changes Lives opens the door for you to experience this space.

It also opens the door for you to choose to learn a practice called Ascension. 

Read more about this here.

Can meditation help with anxiety?


Anxiety is mostly caused due to our relationship with our thoughts. Our habit of living in the future can create worry and stress around all the possibilities of what may happen, but which actually haven't happened. 

Meditation takes you beyond the temporary movement of thought and also teaches you how to observe thoughts and be less identified with them.

How many teachers are there for these classes?

Usually we have two teachers for Ascension courses, and either one or two
teachers for the Meditation Changes Lives classes.

Is Ascension taught online?

No, we don't teach the techniques online, it is always an in-person course.

What is the cost of your classes?

All of Meditation Changes Lives Classes are FREE.

Please see course fees for Ascension here.

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